What makes your website stand out from others. A Guide to website designing and development

22 July 2021 Website Development
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The website has a significant space in showcasing the outside world about the work you do, be it a personal or professional website. It helps build a secure and reliable connection between the business community and the users.

We have billions of websites available online. To rank high and get more traffic to the website amidst the large crowd is no easy task. Incorporating a few ‘secret ingredients’ can bring a whole lot of difference and makes the website stand out from the competitors

Tips & Tricks to Website Design and Development

1. User-Focused Content

Users normally skim through the contents and spend quality time only on content that have value and credibility. So, we know that the first thing to do is to publish quality content on the website.

When we talk about content, it comprises many things. First, we have to plan the type of content we wish to offer the users. If we can impress the users, we can convert them to potential customers or leads to the site. The website content should address their needs and requirements. By doing market research and understanding the users, we can create interesting content. Everybody loves fresh content that correlates with market trends. And we can use the content to reflect the uniqueness and creativity of the brand.

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2. Visually Appealing Design

The website design is the mirror of the brand and the product. So, before launching the website we have to look for any design issues and make sure to rectify them. We have to compare the approved design and the final web design. Our main goal is to achieve the client’s requirements. The user experience should be smooth and easy to navigate.

In this era, mobile devices have become indispensable and potential customers access the website via their tablets or smartphones. We have to make sure the website is mobile responsive and test it on the mobile device and fix the bugs. Also, the collapsible menus are convenient options as it saves space.

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3. Image and Video Design

The images and videos are a great boon to the website. A picture is worth a thousand words. By including photos, infographics, graphs, flowcharts, pictures, icons, and videos help convey information easily to the users and registers in their mind. Rather than reading pages of texts, image and video contents influence the reader’s emotions and boost the performance of the website. However, we should not overload the website with many images and videos because it might impact the loading speed of the website.

We have to create a balance between the visual elements and texts to represent the brand. These visual elements help to enhance the user experience, increase the time users spend on the website, help in website ranking, and build trust among the audience. Whatever the product or service is, it creates a long-lasting memory in their mind.

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4. Web Page Speed

The one important thing that all online users expect from a website is its loading speed. According to a study, 80% of website users ignore websites that have poor loading speed. Page speed is a significant factor in web design, which helps to quickly load the speed and access information faster.

When the website takes longer to load, the users lose interest in the website and they go in search of a competitor's website. This affects the goodwill, credibility, and conversion rate. There are speed test tools available that help determine the loading speed of the website and we can make use of them to check the speed and improve accordingly.

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5. Mobile-friendly Website

In this digital era, everybody has a mobile device to access all online information. So for us to connect with a large crowd, it is vital to have a mobile-friendly website. Having a mobile-friendly website increases the ranking of the site and gains more leads.

Having a mobile-friendly website becomes convenient for the business to showcase their unique products and services to their customers in a legit and modern way. It also increases the reputation of the business and helps build credibility. Making use of mobile technology increases leads builds brand awareness and user’s trust.

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6. Navigation & Responsive Design

The website should have a solid navigation element and only then the users visiting the website will be able to access the information easily and quickly. To retain potential customers and leads, we must implement proper navigation to move around the website.

Users skim through the website within a few minutes, and if we want them to spend a little longer, we have to design perfect navigation that leads them to the respective information. Overall, the website should be pristine and self-explanatory.

Responsive design should rely on the user environment and behavior. Users access the website via various devices, so responsiveness is the key to attain more leads. We have to design the website by considering the screen size, images, videos, typography, touchscreen, etc. If we fail to create a responsive website, we are alienating the website from potential users

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Final Thought

There are billions of websites available online, so building a website that stands out from the others is not an easy task. Website design and development play a vital role in the success of the website. Having a customized website that represents the brand or product and service is an added advantage.

A sharp and cutting-edge website gives a professional look, builds trust and credibility among the users, and pulls more traction.

The website we build should have quality content with appealing visual effects. It should offer customers the best possible solutions with smooth performance. A website should be unique, follow market trends, fill the industry gap, and have a social media presence that stands out from the others in the market.

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