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25 November 2021 / Blogs > Technologies

Technology has gone through several changes within the past few years. Each technology is an extended version of the other with better solutions and innovations. We have seen exceptional development in the computer engineering and IT sector, and with the pandemic, a lot has changed in the IT field. With the contact-less lifestyle, the professional life is not going to be the same.

Top 10 Trending Technologies of 2021

In 2021, new technologies have allowed growing and exploring new possibilities. We will look at some of the popular technologies of this year.

1. Full Stack Development

The technology began with the growth of the internet and .com, and it is the latest phenomenon that is popular in the industry. Earlier website and web development was not a complex task, but with technological advancement, you have to be up-to-date to sustain yourself in the market. Full-stack development is a complete package that deals with the back-end and front-end. The full-stack developer can work with both ends of web development.

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2. Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning has a significant role in improving the user experience. With the help of previously generated data, the algorithm predicts future data. It analyzes the user's search history and lists similar suggestions.

Artificial intelligence is a trending technology, where machine intelligence works like a human brain. AI is popular for its smartphone assistance, speech and image recognition, navigational apps, etc.

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3. Blockchain

Blockchain offers security and has changed the way data is documented over the internet. It is described as data that one can add and it cannot be taken away. Being consensus-driven, there is no need for third-party monitoring or validation. The data stored in the blockchain never changes. It ensures integrity in online transactions.

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4. DevSecOps

With the increase in microservices, DevSecOps has entered into DevOps. DevSecOps is the acronym for Development, Security, and Operations. This technology aims to implement security with the same scale as the operations and development. A business needs to have an operational model to set them up from the rest of the business. You can activate, access, and deliver this operational model from anywhere. Now, the other elements of the technology like DataOps, GitOps, and NoOps are also getting popular.

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5. Cyber Security

With digital transformation comes cybercrimes and cyberattacks. Cyber security is important for both small businesses and large organizations. though cyber security is an old topic, it is a trending technology with digitalization. Blockchain cyber security is a responsive and modular security method through distributed execution and centralized orchestration.

VDN is called the virtual distributed network which is a special network security system, where the signals are transmitted as short quantum or pulse data packets. You cannot read the message secretly without destroying the content.

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6. Big Data Analysis

Though big data analytics has been there for a long time, many companies still adapt to this technology because of its impressive trends. With this technology, you can use different ways to analyze and consistently extract complex and extensive information. Because you cannot deal with them using the traditional data-processing method.

Big data analytics helps with decision-making, supply chain and channel analytics, target ads, price optimization, product development, risk management, consumer acquisition, and retention.

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7. Internet Of Things

Another famous technology is the IoT. The Internet of things is the interlink between specialties using sensors, software, processing ability, and other technologies. The purpose of IoT is to have a system that self-reports in the real world scenario so that it helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of bringing information with human interference.

The wireless inventory tracker, autonomous farming equipment, smart factory equipment, wearable health monitors, connected appliances, biometric cybersecurity scanners, etc., are a few of the examples of IoT.

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8. AR and VR

The innovative technologies offer immersive user experiences like VR and AR. Virtual reality and Augmented reality are trending technologies that use realistic images, sounds, and other sensations to convey information and enhance the real world.

You use a VR headset/gear to see a computer-generated environment where the objects appear to be true. AR gives you an interactive experience of the real-time environment and the fictional world.

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9. 5G

The internet has gone through a rapid technology development beyond phone networks. It is in the development stage and has opened a new door for network operations, new services, and consumer experience. The technology is available in a few leading countries. The technology makes it possible to have higher bandwidth and definition network service without the need for heavy graphics cards/chips and processors. Overall, 5G provides a secure, stable, and faster connection.

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10. Data Science

Data science is a process that encompasses better business decision-making by aggregating, interpreting, manipulating, and deploying data to achieve advanced data analysis. Thus, it is useful in visualizing data that is understandable for business leaders and stakeholders to prepare future roadmaps and orientations. Data science has sub-branches in various fields and is a vital part of the business.

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