Most common mistakes in Mobile App development

16 September 2021 / Blogs > Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have transformed the business to the next level. With 3.5 billion mobile users, mobile apps are the direct, effective, and customizable way to deliver the information related to business and brands.

The mobile app development companies battle for a larger user base and compete against each other to offer the best product. The mobile apps have the same weightage as the websites. Therefore, mobile app development might be intimidating, but the benefits and end-result is amazing.

If you build an interactive mobile app that attracts the users, it automatically boosts your business. Though the client does not interact continuously with the app, the mere presence of the app helps build a connection between you and your audience.

Over the years, mobile apps have created a greater impact in structuring the products and services. They make it easy for the consumers to browse, assess, and purchase within a few minutes. Basically, reduces the time consumers spend on deciding whether to buy or not. Mobile apps help businesses to stay ahead of competition, build a larger consumer base, and increase consumer’s goodwill.

Challenges In Mobile App Development

With billions of mobile apps available in the online store, it is quite hard to sustain in the market and have a stronger user base. But, if you create an interesting app that the users like, then it doubles your investment and business.

Why Do Users Uninstall Mobile Apps?

All mobile apps do not sustain in the market. Some mobile apps disappear even before they become popular among the users. According to a statistical report, more than 95 billion mobile apps were downloaded by the users from App/Play Stores. The report states that users delete most of the downloaded apps within 3 months, while some apps are not opened more than 2 or 3 times in a month.

Users download the mobile apps with the intention to use them. But, if the mobile apps do not fulfill the purpose the users uninstall the apps. The users would have faced difficulty in accessing the app or have encountered performance issues.

Users expect mobile apps to look pleasant with amazing design, user-friendly with ease of navigation, and to perform well without any hindrance.

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Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A Mobile App

While building mobile apps, most of you ignore the important aspects that are crucial for the development process. If you neglect elements like app visibility, key features and functionalities, and your targeted users, then the app will result in failure.

Rather than adding more elements and functionalities into the app, find out the common mistakes most developers and designers make and check if your app has similar pitfalls. Or if you are planning to build a mobile app, try to avoid the common mistakes and save more time to focus on other elements.

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1. Information Stuffing

Readers and book worms who love to read novels, stories, etc need not carry their books everywhere. Download the ebook applications that contain all your favorite books in your hand-held device. You can read while travelling or when you have free time anywhere and anytime.

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2. Easy To Read

You should concentrate on the user interface of the mobile app, because it is the deciding factor that pleases the user to stay on the app. There is a misconception that using fancy elements improves the UI. But the mobile UI should be simple and understandable. The font style, size, and color should be readable and clear.

User attention is the key to CTA, so it is your responsibility to create a mobile app that is engaging and interactive.

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3. Different Interface

One of the most common mistakes in mobile app development is creating the same design for both iOs and Androids platforms. Many do not have any objection in sharing the same design. But, if you want to succeed in the market and create a larger user base, then work on creating separate designs for both the platforms.

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4. Reduce Complexity

Over the years, people have seen various changes in the user interface and user experience design. Always users look for simple and easy designs that are elegant and to the point. You have to do market research to understand the users needs and keep updating the design. Because, users generally uninstall the apps that are overcomplicated.

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5. Eliminate Bugs

Testing is a significant process in the development cycle. It is a continuous and evolving processing that helps you to keep your mobile app design intuitive and perfect. Moreover, you can check for any problems or bugs and fix them before the launch. Follow an exclusive testing process with mobile testing experts and test in different mobile devices to eliminate all possible bugs.

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6. Monetization

Rushing to monetize the mobile app is a drawback. There are different approaches to monetize the app. There are many support analyst giants in the industry that help you find the right solution for your business. They give you insights on monetization options that suit your business. Few options are freemium approach, subscription model, or in-app advertising.

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7. Marketing Is A Must

Your mobile app can be amazing, but without a proper marketing plan it is hard to survive in the market. Marketing process involves identifying the targeted audience, and using the right marketing techniques to help advertise the app.

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8. Budget Management

Budget is one of the vital elements required in mobile app development is the cost management. From developing to marketing, you require a viable investment plan to manage the budget for all the process. Most developers fall short in the budget because of incomplete budget planning, incorrect estimation, or involvement in unnecessary functionalities.

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Final Thought

Not all mobile apps succeed in the market and not all apps fail in the market. You can overcome all the pitfalls in the development process by eliminating all the possible mistakes mobile app developers make. And follow the market expectation to build a usable and quality mobile app. You can definitely build a mobile app with a decent budget plan and proper market analysis or hire a professional team with demonstrative expertise.

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