How To Manage Negative Reviews On Google?

10 June 2022 / Blogs > Website Development
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The digital space has given more freedom to express one’s emotions. However, this freedom can be a boon or bane based on the accuracy of information.

In this digital era, it is mandatory to have a digital platform to reach potential users. The customers use the same forum to review your product or service. A good review is a bonus point for your success. But, when your hard-earned reputation is tarnished because of a negative review, it can be a worst nightmare. Also, Google's algorithm scrutinizes reviews for various other platforms apart from Google reviews. Hence, one review can impact to a greater extent than you would have expected.

Though, people might advise you to ignore the negative review and never do that. Use this opportunity to connect with the frustrated user and understand their requirements and provide the necessary solution. Thus, it helps you improve your customer’s trust and establish your brand’s credibility.

How To Manage Negative Reviews

A negative review can drive you crazy and shatter your dreams, but always remember that a negative comment or review does not doom your company. Every company has had its share of bitter-sweet moments. According to research, negative reviews have increased the sales and you know- “No Publicity Is Bad Publicity”.

Let us see the following ways to deal with a negative review.

1. Consider the Feedback and Respond Publicly

A negative response to a negative review can have a negative impact on your company and customers. Before replying to the negative comment, assess the review and evaluate it. You are aware that the existing customers and new customers make decisions based on the reviews from the past couple of weeks.

Therefore, without getting emotional, you have to respond on a positive note. Plan out a logical response to the issue as it will be viewed by your existing and potential new customers. Most of the customers who have given a negative review expect a response within a day. Hence , be thoughtful and responsive while answering the frustrated customer. Another benefit is, more visitors reach out to your business if you reply to a negative review.

2. Contact Customers and Be Transparent

The first step to react to a negative review is by responding to it on a public platform to show all your consumers that your company is concerned about customer's welfare. It takes time to reconcile, so you need to directly get in touch with the customer via phone calls, email, or live chat and to resolve the issue. This helps you to retain the frustrated customer and create goodwill towards your brand.

You cannot satisfy all your customers, and customers know that your business is not perfect. However, they expect you to take responsibility for the mishap that has taken place. The way you respond to a negative review determines how the customer feels about your brand and business. Customers consider brand transparency before decision-making. Being transparent and accepting mistakes helps you to build a good rapport among your customers and lead a long-term relationship.

3. Know the Issue and Empathize the Customer

Some customers give a detailed negative review, while a few submit vague reviews, making it difficult to understand where they face an issue. The problem might be with the product, service, customer support, or something else. If you wish to effectively provide a solution to the customer, try asking questions and information related to the issue. This will create healthy communication with the customer to identify the specific issue and resolve it.

Also, you can offer discounts or rewards to the customers as an act of sincerity. You need not provide such special consideration for all negative reviews. Analyze and identify the potential customers that can provide your company with value. Spend on customers who help you create a positive impact in the market.

Your work does not stop just replying to the negative review. You have to take time to acknowledge the problem and offer the necessary solution. This helps to maintain a long-term successful relationship with your customers.

4. Sign Your Response and Request Updated Review

Signing your name after every response makes the customers feel that their problems are sincerely addressed by the company and creates a good impression. These minor details are much needed for businesses to build a strong user base.

Make sure the review is public and future visitors can only see a positive response. Updating the negative review will increase the positive online reputation for your company.

You are aware that reviews have more weight in increasing the conversion rate. As you start interacting with the customers, their views towards your business might change in due course. Have a detailed conversation with the customer to know their experience and discuss where you failed to satisfy their expectations. Once, when everything is fine and the customer is happy with the solution you offer, ask if they are willing to provide an updated review.


The way you handle a negative review matters more than the actual comment. Address the issue and communicate with the customer to find a better solution for them. By the end of the whole scenario, the customer should be happy and sustained in doing business with you.

We cannot be perfect and satisfy all the customers, but acknowledging their issues, addressing them and finding a solution is the most important act of doing business. You can put extra effort in your customer support service and gradually focus on increasing the positive reviews.

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