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About BizView

BizView is a simple, smart & user-friendly software, designed for every business looking for a comprehensive management tool. It's your magic wand that gives complete picture of your business on one screen & brings control on your fingertips.


  • 1) Powerful Dashboard: The dashboard is your 360 view of your business from one screen. It's where you land up each time you log in.
  • 2) Easy Searching: You can easily search any data in the system. Every module allows you to search by any keyword present in system.
  • 3) Multi device Support: You can now access your business anywhere and everywhere from any desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device.
  • 4) Unlimited Possibilities: BizView allows you to add unlimited Customers, Vendors, Employees, Products, Services, Orders & much more.
  • 5) Smooth Communications: BizView facilitate strong communication with all your customers & Vendors via timely automated SMS & Emails.
  • 6) Custom Price list: You can define custom proce list, discount or taxes for every customer & vendor to increase accuracy in billing.
  • 7) Automated Reports: BizView sends you automated reports on predefined time. It saves your time & efforts for asking reports form employees.
  • 8) Multi Approval Channel: BizView provides multi Channel approval system for all your modules. It helps to increase accuracy and timely work.